Owners Allowed to Attend Race Meetings

By June 22, 2020Uncategorized

From 20 June Racing NSW obtained approval from the NSW Govt for owners to be allowed to attend country race meetings.  Therefore from Friday 26 June owners will be allowed to attend race meetings at Moruya.  Detailed regulations for this process are available on the Racing NSW website and will be implemented at Moruya as follows.

Owners will be required to prove their identity as owners against the listing in the official racebook or in the case of syndicates based on a notification from the syndicate manager to the Club prior to the event. On arrival they must provide contact details in case of a case of COVID being detected.

Owners will be allowed to visit the horse stall area remaining outside the fenced off area.  They will have the opportunity to see their horse and talk to the trainer but not the jockey.

The race will be viewed from the public viewing area.  There is no access allowed to the mounting yard nor members area, where some of the jockeys are being accommodated to ensure their social distancing.

Owners will be able to return to the stall area for a debrief by the trainer and are to leave the racecourse within 30 minutes of the race finishing.

There will be no TAB, bookmakers, bar or catering facilities available.

Owners are to observe social distancing guidelines and not attend if they are feeling unwell.